2010: SSHRC – Grounding the Organizing of Building Cleaners Worldwide

Principal Investigator (PI): in a research program titled: “Grounding the Organizing of Building Cleaners Worldwide: The Role of the Justice for Janitors Model in Place.” I have been awarded $91,969 for a three year study (2010-2013) of the JfJ model and organizing workers worldwide. The funding agency is the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). Project began 1 May 2010.

2008: SSHRC – International Opportunities Fund

Principal Investigator (PI): SSHRC – International Opportunities Fund. Project tile: “The Great Jump Forward: The Labour Movement Goes Global.” $24,950. This fund was used to gather academics (10), labour officials and graduate students to discuss the global unions and how to study them. A grant proposal for $2.5 million on this theme was submitted to SSHRC for funding. Unfortunately, the proposal was not supported by another SSHRC grant.