The Globalization of the SEIU and the J4J model

This research, funded through a SSHRC standard grant, 2010-2013, traces the SEIU partnerships with global unions for the implementation of the J4J organizing model to counter the impact of the global cleaning industry. I seek to examine the in place(s) implications of the J4J model and the variations arisen therefrom. For a complete description of this research project, please visit the website dedicated to this study here. Publications to date associated with this research focus are:

Luis LM Aguiar and Shaun Ryan, “The Global Geographies of the Justice for Janitors.” Geoforum 40 (6) (Nov) 2009: 949-958.

Summary of Research: PDF Summary

Detailed Description of Research: PDF Description

Organizing Immigrant Workers in the 21st century

This research theme focuses on investigating new strategies to organize immigrant workers in the neo(post)liberalism era. This has taken me to follow the migration of the J4J model to the globe as well as to investigating foreign migrant agricultural workers in British Columbia. I continue to pursue this work as a member of the research network in the “Working in a Warming World” CURA directed by Dr. Lipsig-Mummé at York University. A study of organizing challenges and opportunities in the BC and southern Ontario greenhouse industry is taking shape. Publications to date associated with this theme are:

Luis LM Aguiar, Patricia Tomic and Ricardo Trumper, “Dans la valle de l’Okanagan.” Revue du CREMIS (Centre de recherché de Montreal sur les inegalities socials) 3 (4) 20110): 30-33. Find article here:

Luis LM Aguiar, “Let him stay! Portuguese Resist Deportation.” In Jose Carlos Teixeira and Vitor Pereira da Rosa (eds.) The Portuguese in Canada. Second edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008: 136-160.

Luis LM Aguiar, “Janitors and Sweatshop Citizenship in Canada.” Antipode 38 (3) (2006): 441-462.

Luis LM Aguiar, “The New ‘In-Between’ Peoples: Southern European Transnationalism.” In Vic Satzewich and Lloyd Wong (eds.) Transnational Communities in Canada. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2006: 202-215.

Luis LM Aguiar, “Resisting Neoliberalism in Vancouver: An Uphill Struggle for Cleaners.” Social Justice 31 (2) (2004): 105-129.