Class Consciousness and the Federal Election

It is true that virtually no one could predict the rise in popularity of the federal NDP as we head into the national election on May 2. Yet, we should not be so surprised by the sudden rise in the federal NDP’s brand as it ascends in all likelihood to the official opposition and perhaps even the government of the land.

At a time when working class Canadians are tired and fed up of the breaks and privileges that elites continue to draw for themselves from the Canadian state and tax payers, the NDP has tapped into this class consciousness to articulate itself as the Party that will hold elites and the bourgeoisie accountable, in check, and wrestles from this traditional class power gains for the working class.

It is refreshing to hear Jack Layton honestly speak about the plights of many Canadians and how the economy – which Harper claims only he and his Party can management and make prosper – hasn’t reached most Canadian families and made a difference to their economic well being. At a time of so much economic uncertainty and employment precariousness, Canadians seek to choose a new course that marks out for them a more economically just and brighter future.

It seems to me that this is no greater indictment of Harper and his governing of the economy than the response of Canadians to the NDP. In other words, one can interpret the rise of the NDP as clearly an indication that the Harper government’s economic policies haven’t delivered to working class Canadians and that his stewardship of economic growth and promise of prosperity is whistling in the wind.