Sears Sale Pitch

Did anyone else notice the latest Sears sales pitch going on right now? No? Well you’re in for a treat.

Apparently, February is “white sale” month at Sears. I’m not joking: it says so in the flyer I got this week in my junk mail. First I thought this designation was only at my local store. But no, it is a cross-country promotion.

Does anyone else think this is a strange sales promotion? Does anyone else feel awkward about a ‘white sale’ in February during black history month? Why white in February? There is nothing in the flyer about snow, and surely January is at least as good a candidate as February for this sales pitch.

So, is it ignorance or defiance on the part of the marketing department at Sears that flaunts this arrogant pitch? This promotion might strike some people (me) as incredibly insensitive (to say the least) to push a white sale at the same time as black history month cements itself in February. Is this promotion another example of the common sense of whiteness that does not see anything remotely problematic about running a sales promotion under this name at the same time as black history month seeks to move from the margins to mainstream social and political spaces in our society.

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that a white sale in February is another way of marginalizing blackness and recentering whiteness in peoples mind. How idiotic it is to promote a white sale when black history month deserves all the ‘visibility’ it can get. Shame on Sears for putting out a sales pitch refocusing on itself and thus competing with a topic that we too often forget is also part of Canadian history and the increasing fabric of Canadian society even if some people/organization would like to imply otherwise.